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Mud cleaner

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2018 CIPPE exhibition product of drilling mud zero discharge system 04/02/2018   vertical cutting dryer   No comments

Last week, the CIPPE 2018 exhibition closed successfully. DC attracted lots of visitors coming to DC booth. Being a manufacturer with lasting creation capacity, DC solids control has been bring new products to the show for many years. This time DC solid control took the mud zero discharge system to the exhibition.

zero dischage system

Drilling waste management and zero discharge is a getting much popular recent years. It is important to get zero discharge on drilling waste management. DC Solids Control is leading manufacturer for drilling waste management equipment & solids control equipment; after some years experience accumulation.


DC Solids Control can offer professional solution on drilling waste management and can answer the question most of the people faced with ” How to achieve zero discharge on drilling waste management “. This chapter will give a comprehensive knowledge of drilling waste (OBM & WBM) from three parts as below. And tell people how to achieve zero discharge on drilling waste management.

DC zero discharge drilling waste treatment system equipment is selling hot and the demand exceeds the supply. Feel free to visit our company and drilling site for field research. Look forward to customers from all over the world for cooperation and purchase.

DC Compact mud system shipped abroad used for bored pile 03/07/2018   Solids control equipment   No comments

As a China mud treating system provider, DC Solids Control manufactures various standard mud systems and customized mud systems to meet customers’ demands. DC mud systems now have been largely used in oil and gas drilling, HDD, Trenchless, Bored Pile Drilling, TBM, CBM etc.

Recent days, DC Solid control shipped 3 sets mud system to Turkey market for the Bored Pile fields. DC compact mud system just has one treating desander or desilter mounted on the top of a small mud tank. It’s equipped with one centrifugal pump to feed the mud into those cyclones. And the bottom shaker is used to separate out finer solids.

compact mud system

DC Solids Control is one of the most famous mud treating system manufacturer that come from overseas. At first DC Solids Control met severe competitiveness in turkey, but DC Solids Control final won customers with the excellent cost effective feature.

DC professional is always devoted to provide the best quality products for customers. Welcome to your inquiry of any type mud system to DC solid control, there you will getting more chance for your project.

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Congratulations to DC solid control new website is on line 02/28/2018   Solids control equipment   No comments

DC Solid control company is a professional manufacturer of drilling mud equipment. The main product of ours is shale shaker, desander, desilter, vacuum degasser, mud agitator, centrifugal pump and ect.


In order to extend our sales volume. DC solid control build a new website to show more about us to foreign clients. This is our new website URL.

Hope can get your notice, I will updating more things in the web.


Meanwhile, is you have some interests with our product, please directly contact me. There you will getting more discount.


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DC Solid control shale shaker screening supplier 02/06/2018   shaker screen   No comments

Shale shaker screening is the primary means of solids separation. If the shale shaker is not working correctly or if the screens are incorrectly sized or torn, efficiency is drastically reduced.

shaker Screening action depends on the vibrating action to make mud flow through it. Vibration under mud load creates stresses on the screen and if the screens are not properly installed and supported, they will quickly wear or tear.

shaker screens

Shaker Screens are available in square, rectangular and layered design. API has set standards on screen identifications. Screens are labelled with the following: separation potential (216, 250, 284), conductance and area. This notation is necessary because so many variables are possible in screen manufacture – wire size being the most significant.

Weave of wire cloth and mesh count are two interesting design variables. The square and rectangular weaves are the types most often used.

DC Solid control can provide all kinds of shaker screens, please contact us if you have interest with it.

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【撥水加工】多ポケットフラットショルダーバッグ , ポーチPASSE-DIX / パスディス ハンドクラフトかがりフリンジトートバッグ , Le cheval aile レディース ショルダーバッグムートン巾着バッグ , 【FIRMIN】レザースクエアハンドバッグ , カーターストリート マリエル , 日本製ポニープルアップレザートートバッグ , Jilin クロスボディバッグPietro バッグ コンビネーション【KANGOL/カンゴール】バックパック/リュックCOOCO / エンブレム付きチェック柄トートバッグ_cooC-ショルダーポーチ , ツイードリボントート , RT.TALL.MU-C【Manhattan Portage】mini 2WAY TOTE , NIKE AF1 BACKPACK (ba5731-245)【ナイキ エアフォース ワン バックパック】リボンミニショルダーバッグ , 【WEB限定カラー有/ウエストポーチにもなる2WAY!】モンターニュ リュック【MAKAVELIC(マキャベリック)】【SIERRA】FUNDAMENTAL DPVIOLAd’ORO VOLPE V-8148F/CE-エフシーイー  950 LINE ROLL TOP 22LU by ungaro (ユーバイ ウンガロ) バルマ(6U) ショルダーバッグGloss-cm2 , TRIESTE MOUSSE / トリエステ ムース , WEGO/パスケース付きロゴリュック , モダン2wayショルダーバッグ【PLAIN CLOTHING】 , enfas GABA BAG BINI , 603 6号帆布リュック
Why vertical cutting dryers used all over the world 02/01/2018   vertical cutting dryer   No comments

The vertical cutting dryer is aimed to reduce the liquid content of drill cuttings which is sae to discharge to the environment or as preparation for bio-remediation.
The typical discharge criteria is expressed as oil on cuttings or retained oil on cuttings. The criteria may be set at a local/national level by economical or legislative requirements.

vertical cutting dryer

The purpose designed vertical cuttings dryer is an absorption of advanced technologies at home and abroad. It has very strong structure and excellent separation result. The drier is reliable and trustful for your choice of cuttings management applications.

1. “G” force of 420 G’s
2. Proprietary screen design minimizes particle plugging
3. Air knife around the unit assists in screen basket cleaning to reduce screen blinding / caking
4. Improved rotational balance minimizes wear on rotating parts and lowers noise
5. Individual oil lubrication system allows it to work in high temperature environment
6. Screw pump is used to clean the dryer unit, preventing the solids accumulations
7. Screw conveyor installed under the dryer to pick up the dry solids for continues operation

The advantages of the equipment are adaptable, better treating efficiency, stable working, long service life and can effective recycling the drilling fluid in drilling cuttings. It is the preferred equipment to dry drilling cuttings, recycle drilling fluid and especially recycle oil base drilling fluid.

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Mud cleaner group used in Mico-tunneling fields 01/26/2018   mud cleaner   No comments

Micro-tunneling—Micro-tunneling has become very popular in Europe and is being used more frequently in the United States. Micro tunneling is the horizontal boring of a large-diameter hole (from 27 inches up to 10 feet) while simultaneously laying pipe.

mud cleaner

Typically, this technique is used in cities when laying or replacing water and sewer pipe beneath buildings and heavily traveled roads.

mud cleaners

To prepare for these operations, large-diameter, vertical holes, or “caissons,” are excavated allowing the drilling equipment and hydraulic rams to be set up at the desired depth. The caisson is excavated slightly below the equipment level creating a sump for the returned drilling fluid and associated drilled solids.

The returns are pumped to the surface by a submersible pump to a compact solids removal system, which typically consists of a shale shaker and mud cleaner mounted over a small tank.


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河淳 フレームスタンドJA1+ウインドーセットJA1 FE063+FE066 (直送品)イノアック車輪(INOAC) 牽引台車用キャスター 旋回金具付 Φ100 TR-100AWJ 1個 384-7454 (直送品) , 【JOEYFACTORY】ギミックプリントTシャツHERGOPOCH エルゴポック クラッチ ブリーフ 3WAY A4 ブリーフケース ビジネスバッグ メンズ レディース 本革 レザー TV-CBF【送料無料】 ネイビー幸和製作所 デニム防水シーツ (全面タイプ) 標準ベッドマットレス対応サイズ ブルー SE06Z 1枚 (直送品)マーカー(MARKER) 2014-2015 15SQUIRE11 15SQUIRE11/110 WT/BK スキー金具 レギュラースキー金具 , LACOSTE / ロングスリーブ ポロシャツ , Leymah Shoulder Bag , K9/SV925 ハンドクラフトボタニカルリング【KATHARINE ROSS】 手洗い可 ベルト付ギャザースカートバニティービューティー/【撥水・雨の日OK!】エナメルバレエフラットシューズホットサーモ〉起毛丸首長袖・インナー<F.CE × NANGA × SA> DOW/ダウンジャケット , 贅沢な花刺繍の上質な羽織り , Uncut Bound(アンカットバウンド) ハイツイストVネックプルオーバー , L.G.B./ルグランブルー/TKLUCDNM ラックデニム mid rise skinny ミッドライズスキニー , ワイド フリンジ デニムパンツ【PULP】LONERISM / ロンリズム BABY BABY TEEストレッチ ドビー ジョガーパンツTORNADO MART∴シャイニーテレコエンボス ロングカットソーDISPARK/フリルレースブラウスmp5419-Tweed Wide Tapered Easy PantsW3G カタアゼVネックプルオーバー◆ , Annotated / アノテイテッド L013 Cuff 2.5 Silverフェイクパールリングピアス無印 白 シャツ , 【新品】CALVIN KLEIN メンズ 腕時計 K5A31146
ZCQ240 Vacuum degasser delivery to Pakistan 01/22/2018   vacuum degasser   No comments

Vacuum degasser produced by DC Machinery is suitable for various supporting of drilling mud solids control system, it plays an important role in restoring drilling mud performance, and can also be an agitator with big power.

DC Solid control shipped 3 sets ZCQ240 vacuum degasser to Pakistan drilling company which is a local government company who had already cooperated with our company for about 3 years.

vacuum degasser

Vacuum degasser uses vacuum to release free and dissolved gas in water, and then discharge them through the automatic exhaust valve system. At the same time, the degassed water will be injected into system. This low gas content water is not saturated with highly absorbent for gas, it will absorb the gas in the system to achieve the gas water balance. Vacuum degassing machine repeats this cycle every 20~30 seconds. This movement in circles removes all the gas in the system.

DC Solid control can provide you 4 models vacuum degasser, ZCQ240, ZCQ270, ZCQ300 and ZCQ360. If you have interesting with it, please feel free to contact me soon.

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Special design of DCJBQ Mud agitator from DC Solid control 01/15/2018   mud agitator   No comments

DCJBQ mud agitators are an important part of the mud solids control system. TSC offers a variety of motor and impeller sizes to fit specific tank configurations.

The mud Agitator combines compact design with high torque performance levels necessary for a uniformly suspended flow of drilled solids throughout the mud systems.

mud agitator

Powered by 1500RPM (4 pole) explosion proof motor and connected through heavy duty gear reducer, this mud agitator transfers high torque at RPM to Impeller to perform the most severe mud mixing conditions.

Impellers are available in three types viz. six blade mixed flow turbine type, four blade axial flow type and three blade twisted profile type to achieve highest performance in different site and mud conditions.

Gear reducers are worm type or helibevel type depending on the choice of the user. Standard models are available in 20 H.P. & 10 H.P. capacity.

5 H.P. Chemical Mixer with inline gear reducer of 15:1 reduction with stainless steel impeller and impeller shaft is provided along with 5’ X 5’ X 6’ treatment tank is a single unit.

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Solid control equipment desilter usage introduction 01/09/2018   Desilter   No comments

Desilter used in solids control system is the 3rd phase equipment. Desilter is set after desander and prior to decanter centrifuge. The flow rate of desilter separator is decided by cones number. Usually, we utilize 4″ cone for desilter.


Each 4″ cone holds capacity 12~15m³/h. To achieve desilter separation there should be centrifugal pump as cone feeding pump. Under pump transfer power, there will be sufficient pressure pull drilling fluid swirl in cones body. Then solids will be separated out by centrifugal force. Theoretically, desilter will get rid of solids sized over 15 microns.

Desilter structure
Including fluid feed inlet, fluid discharge pipe, desilter cones, the support frame, bottom shaker or mud chute. The main parts including hydrocyclone, shaker screen, spring, screen motor, and so on.

There are thousands of manufacturer all over the globe manufacture solids control equipment. Desilter is one small part of such equipment.

glow of sunset/グローオブサンセット 帆布ショルダー(ショルダーバッグ)|go 通販 slow caravan(ゴースローキャラバン)のファッション通販 go slow caravan - 714881 ZOZOTOWN

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ZYQ mud gas separator designed by DC Solid control 01/04/2018   Mud gas separator   No comments

The mud gas separator is designed primarily for the removal of entrained gas, from the drilling fluid. The ZYQ mud gas separator is designed in multiple capacities, to meet specific mud gas needs.


Mud/Gas Separator is a piece of special equipment for degassing gas-invaded mud in the first grade. It is mainly used to remove big bubbles above φ3mm in diameter and these bubbles refer to expanded gases in the fluids that fill in some parts of well annulus. Well kick even spilling out to the rotary table will easily occur if they are not removed.

Mud/Gas Separator Features & Benefits:
1. Separates and discharges the enormous free gas from drilling fluids, including poisonous gases like H2S.
2. Separated gas is carried by discharge lines to safe area for combustion.
3. The unit is ruggedly built and coated with anti-corrosion epoxy so as to ensure long service life when processing hazardous and toxic gases.

DC use high quality steel materials manufacturing normal pressure prevent H2S Mud Gas Separator,can effectively prevent the harmful gas erosion, ensure the man- machine safety production.

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